An exciting new offer from Château Lalinde:

‘The Delicious Dordogne Experience’

A seven-day experience which offers you the delights of the Dordogne region — the food, the history, the culture — served to you on a silver platter!

Château Beynac
Le Vieux Logis in Tremolat
View from Château Lalinde

This is for you

France will always remain the ultimate destination for the bon vivant; and if that is who you are — a person who loves food, loves wine, loves life, then the Delicious Dordogne Experience is a one-week journey of discovery, tailor-made for you. It is a journey through one of the most beautiful corners of France, designed to reawaken every one of your senses.

Reawaken your senses…

…and experience the Perigord-Dordogne region like never before.
Be it the delights of the regional cuisine, or being taught by the ‘real’ master chefs how to prepare that cuisine yourself; be it walking in the footsteps of ­Cro-Magnon man and discovering a history that relates to you.
Be it meandering through the cobbled streets of medieval villages, sipping wine in ancient cellars, or falling asleep with the sound of the river below your window.
Be it dining under the stars or browsing the antique markets, having your champagne bottle ‘sabered’ for you before a sumptious seven course banquet, or sipping an aperitif while playing petanque at sunset.
Pampered from morning till night and having your every need taken care of, the Delicious Dorodgne will be served to you on a silver platter – and will leave you feeling renewed and replete. Read more >

What makes us different?

We are luxury – but off the beaten track. What we offer can not be found in guidebooks or tourist packages. This is the authentic “la France profonde” – the heart of France, where you will rub shoulders with Helen of Aquitaine and Richard the Lionheart; where you will sit at the table of a local farmer one day, share a meal with a countess the next, have dinner cooked with a world-renowned artist the day after.
This is an experience for foodies and wine lovers, for the jaded traveller or the complete novice. Where else will you be able to stay in a 13th century fairy castle that stands with its feet in the Dordogne River, have a personal chauffeur at your service, and a guide who not only knows and loves the region – its quirks and its whims, its ins and outs – but also understands you, the discerning traveller? Impressions >