Wilna Wilkinson, the owner of Chateau Lalinde is a Eurocentric African with a gypsy spirit who has, for the past 30 years, travelled and worked all over the world as a professional speech writer, corporate trainer and motivational speaker, regaling and convincing audiences from Iceland to Mexico, Japan to Canada, Malawi to Brisbane, Birmingham to Bangkok, to believe in

themselves and to speak up for that which they believe in. Eight years ago she moved to the Dordogne which she has now made her home. Here – when she is not travelling, she continues her writing, painting, teaching, and hosting musical and literary dinner evenings, her monthly Soirée for Interesting Women — and her joyful journey of discovery.

“I am passionate about my new adopted home, the history, the culture, the food and the wonderful way of life,” Wilna explains. “This is the region my ancestors had to leave in 1682 to travel to South Africa. Now I am back – and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to welcome friends, old and new, into my beautiful home and share this Delicious Dordogne with them!”