Delicious Dordogne for Foodies

The Delicious Dordogne experience provides a perfect backdrop for a Foodie Fest!

With daily fresh produce markets where you can stuff your basket with the colourful, healthy, mostly-organically grown and freshest possible fruits and vegetables, eggs, mushrooms, nuts, seafood and meat, is it a surprise that everything tastes so much better than you are used to?

Talk to any of the master chefs in the region, and they will tell you that their menus reflect the village markets: what is fresh, locally grown, in season and available, will dictate what is on the menu today. “Everything tastes so different here”, is the comment one hears at every meal.

And it is only when you have taken your visitors to the village market on your doorstep and chosen the produce that will make up the menu for the next meal, that they realise for themselves why “Slow Food”, why “Locavore”, why their taste buds seem to have gone into ecstatic overdrive!